Oh this? Just a spaceship.
Everything’s better with spaceships.

Hi there!

So, you’re looking for a Russian pencil? No?

Bear with me… During the cold war, the Americans spent $5m on developing their famed Space pen, which would work in zero gravity. The brightest minds at NASA worked tirelessly to take a gravity based technology into orbit, spending years in perfecting a marvel of engineering, whereas the Russians…

Well, they used a pencil.

One solution was able to push the technological envelope – the other was simply elegant. That’s what you need.

A Russian pencil.

Disclaimer: Although this is a great story, I’m sure it’s mostly anecdotal.
Sometimes truth takes a backseat to a good story.


Mad skills? Got ’em. Useless trivia? In abundance. Curiosity? In spades. 


HTML 90%
CSS 85%
WordPress 85%
Handcoding 80%


Photoshop 90%
InDesign 75%
Camtasia Video Editing 70%


Copy writing and proofing 95%
MS Office, email marketing 91%
Google suite admin (Docs, Sheets, YAMM etc.) 90%
Hiring and coaching phoners 85%
Creative/concept work 65%


Danish 100%
English 98%
German/French 32%
Latin 20%

Fun projects

I’ve usually done the complicated projects that cross into specialist domains. Usually these have been more of a scope or a problem, than a well-defined project. As in “I have no idea what to do with this, let’s give it to Thomas”. Let me give you a few examples.

Building a community​

Setup: Although they are homogenous and geographically close, our users are reluctant to knowledge share and interact socially. We’d like to change this behaviour.

Solution: Launch, host  and run a series of full day events, crammed with presentations, networking, Q&As etc.

This has become an annual event that draws good attendance and has fostered numerous informal knowledge sharing groups that function autonomously. 

Industry in the UK

Setup: We’d like some clients in the UK, please.

Solution: Reaching out to the Foreign Ministry we established a good working relationship with the embassy in London, to draw on their contacts and resources. I hired and coached phoners to screen potential clients in the UK, inviting them to talks hosted by our CEO. Participants were converted into clients.

Tools: Language and negotiation, contract law, cold calling

There's an app for that

Setup: Our Windows application needs to be accessible on a smart phone.

Solution: Design the GUI and code a mockup. Collaborate with backend developers to create a model for accessing the client’s database. Establish a group of beta testers, collect responses and turn the into user stories for the developers. Oversee large scale roll out. Solution is now an integral part of the standard product. 

Tools: Photoshop, CSS, HTML, SCRUM

Let’s get this thing on the web!​

Setup:  Our Windows application runs locally, but we’d like to offer it to the world, across Windows, Mac or Linux…

Solution: Find a hosting company and collaborate with them in setting up a RemoteApp terminal server solution. Configure policies, migrate users, establish off site backup and user logging… This solution now hosts hundreds of daily users and is endlessly scalable to accommodate new users. 

Tools: Active Directory, Group Policies, SyncBack, PowerShell, RemoteApp, MS Server 2016

Education and training

2017 » Facebook ads bootcamp, OnPR Aarhus

2017 » Shark & Co workshop, digital marketing and GDPR

2014 » Certification: Bootstrap 3

2014 » Certification: Responsive web design

2014 » Certification: ASP.NET Essential training

2014 » Certification: Up and running with Bootstrap

2013 » “Mastering Single Page Applications in just one day”, GOTO Aarhus

2013 » “Mastering ASP.NET MVC4 in just one day”, GOTO Aarhus

2013 » Certification: C-sharp.net, Zoomtek

2013 » Certification: Foundations of programming

2008 » Certification: MSSQL database maintenance

2004 » Course: Webdesign and desktop publishing, KULU Design

2002-2004 » Market economist, VIA University College Horsens (international business and communications)

2001-2002 » HHX, Learnmark Horsens (mercantile focus)

1997-2000 » Language student, Horsens Statsskole (English and Latin A-levels)


2015-now  » Marketing Coordinator @ AutoPilot ApS | Århus

2013-2014  » Developer @ AutoPilot ApS | Århus

2008-now  » Freelance webdesign, SEO & communications

2006-2013  » Marketing Coordinator @ AutoPilot ApS | Århus

1999-2004 » Self defense instructor | Horsens